Thursday, September 4, 2008

Five Nights In Vegas

Fast, frenetic, fabulous and somewhat frazzled is how I can describe the past few days after getting into Vegas. I am here with Gary (the Bari), Molly (the Heartbreaker), Lindsay (the Girl Next Door) and Billy (the Italian Stallion) to make up the cast of five for Celebrity's AZAMARA Journey. We all arrived on Saturday the 30th of August and in only five days have managed to bond with potty humor, pity humor and "post traumatic stress from not having a car" humor! (Can we get to Wal-Mart and Trader Joes already!? I'm just sayin'!!) Our production crew has promised and promised and promised to get a vehicle for us and finally produced......drumroll please.............. a Pontiac? Ummm. WTF...? Can we say "Yikes!!"? Our crew may be slender but please get us some breathing room! My ass is cramping! LOL!

Our hotel is a brand newbie with free breakfast, gym, pool, business center, coin laundry and almost everything we could want! Everything, that is, except a fridge and a microwave. We've been eating out every night and although the food choices around here are pretty good, we just want to have a nice, home-microwaved meal like any other normal American. Well, I guess we'll just have to hang that idea up because there's no way the hotel is putting a fridge or microwave in any of our rooms without an upgrade! So we just have to suck it up for another two weeks. It's a good thing that there is a SUPER GYM right next door to our hotel. I tell ya, if I had it my way I would live at that GYM!!! Now that place has EVERYTHING! There's a health food cafe, a pool, saunas, steam rooms, a track, a million treadmills, stairclimbers and cardio equipment (I'm not kidding!) and weight machines beyond your wildest dreams (or nightmares)! Plus two rooms for classes which include Yoga, Pilates, Latin Dance and Hip Hop too!! Ya'll know I am a gym rat, so my little head was about to pop off when I saw all of this! And New York Gyms ain't got nothing on these prices! For under forty bucks you can get a weekly pass or you can get three months for under a hundred bucks! This means that I could actually afford to join the gym and have full access! This is not a luxury I have experienced in New York (yet). Ah, the beauty of Vegas! I will not have to worry about my ass spreading because it is only steps away from the hotel!! OK, I am going to end that subject there because I am starting to sound like an infomercial!

I have to tell you a little about our production team which is a jolly, motley crew. Katie is a babycake who is doing all of the admin and also teaching staging and choreography. She gets the top award for wearing the most hats. Our producer Mike is a laid back storyteller who is always asking us if we know people we really don't know. Mike's famous opening line is, "Hey do you guys know...." and then follows it up with a story...or two...or seven. Bruce is our music supervisor who would rather live in New Orleans (without the hurricanes of course). He's always playing some down home, Zydeco style music while jammin' behind the makeshift work desk in the rehearsal hall. "Jam on, Bruce, jam on!" Dolly, our sweet, self effacing vocal director, is plunking and plinking out our notes for us and is always apologizing for her lack of rhythm, not wearing her glasses and going cross eyed after 2pm. Dolly may drive us all a little nuts sometimes but she's just a sweetie pie so we luv here just the same. Last, but most certainly not least, we have to say a word for the owner of the studio, Blair Farrington, and that word is: SUPERHOTTIELICIOUS!!! I think everyone's head snapped and tongues were wagging at his introduction! Yummy yummy coacoa puffs! He's as hot as Clooney!

So that's the crew. We've been whiplashed into rehearsals and have almost finished learning the music for the first show already. We'll put it on it's feet by Saturday and then start learning the next one. In the meantime I am sure that the craziness of show business will ensue!

Signing off!